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    you can keep driving your car when you take out a title loan

    Keep Driving Your Vehicle With A Title Loan

    Your vehicle's pink slip is used as collateral for a loan and you don't need to hand over the keys to your car! There's no need to submit multiple documents and wait days for your loan to be underwritten and funded. Instead, anyone in Ohio with a paid off vehicle can apply with GoTitleLend and get cash within 24 hours!


    GoTitleLend has offered title loans in Columbus for over 6 years. Tap into your car's equity with a title loan and borrow up to 60% of the vehicle's resale value. Call 380-888-5035 to get started!

    Get access to fast cash within 24 hours or less when you apply with GoTitleLend! We offer online loans to qualified applicants and most will be approved with minimal paperwork requirements.  You'll need a newer vehicle that's free of liens and other holds to apply. 

    Other requirements for car title loans can include needing some type of employment verification so your monthly income can be confirmed. You may also need a bank account with direct deposit and auto insurance that covers the total replacement cost of your vehicle. 

    GoTitleLend - Equity Loans We Offer

    Check your vehicle to see if the pink slip is paid off and you can get the title in person near you.






    36% and up

    A car title loan offered by GoTitleLend allows you to get cash using the collateral in your vehicle. Bad credit is okay if you have a lien free car and you can often borrow 40-60% of your vehicle value.

    Find out all about GoTitleLend and how we can get you cash for your vehicle title in Ohio.spection







    In addition to standard title loans, we offer unique ways to get cash from your vehicle. A rebuilt title loan allows you to access your vehicle's collateral even if the vehicle is rebuilt or damaged!

    Title loans will often need to be approved by a local lender in your neighborhood.






    25% and up

    With pink slip loans, you can put up the vehicle's title or "pink slip" as security for a same day cash loan. The loan amount with this type of secured loan is based on the resale value of your car.

    Get Started On A Title Loan Application Today

    Applying for a car title loan with GoTitleLend takes just a few minutes. Qualification standards will vary in all states, but you can often get guaranteed approval with a paid off car that's in decent shape with relatively low mileage. You must show proof of employment and the ability to make the monthly payments. Most loans are underwritten and approved within a few hours, and you can get cash for the equity in your vehicle in less than one business day!

    Our Latest Lending Articles

    Apply for a title loan even if you have a bad credit sore.

    Get A Title Loan With Bad Credit

    It turns out that most lenders won't even check your credit when you apply for a title loan online. When compared to other types of short term loans a secured loan is more viable because the emphasis is on the vehicle opposed to your credit.

    Car Title Loans With No Income Verification

    It's possible to get approved with GoTitleLend even if you can't verify your income. Applicants who can't prove current employment can still qualify if they show proof of alternative monthly income. You will need some money coming in to make payments.

    A title loan refinance can save you money over the life of the loan.

    Refinance Your Title Loan

    There are many different reason why you would want to refinance an existing car title loan. Perhaps you want to reduce the APR or finance charges or lower the monthly payment. Save money and payoff your loan quicker with a buyout or refinance!

    Loan Amounts & Rates For Car Title Loans From GoTitleLend

    The average lending amount for a car title loan in Columbus, Ohio, is $1,500, but these amounts can range from $300 to $20,000 based on the borrower's profile and the vehicle's resale value. Funding amounts can sometimes be higher in Ohio versus other parts of the nation, but you can also expect larger monthly payments with higher funding. The amount you can borrow depends on the vehicle's value and your ability to make on-time payments. To determine the title loan value of your car, it's best to get an estimate of your vehicle's resale value based on the car's make, model, and mileage.

    Title loan interest rates can range from 36% APR to 200% APR. Your specific rate will depend mainly on the equity in your vehicle, and you can always refinance your interest rate at a later date. Rest assured, the monthly payment will only be determined after ensuring it fits your budget and works for both the lender and borrower.


    GoTitleLend Loan Repayment Terms

    Most car title loans are set up on a monthly repayment schedule; however, some lenders may offer longer terms of up to 5 years. Expect a payment term of anywhere from 9 months to 3 years for a car title loan, and the time can be stretched out longer if you want a reduced monthly payment. Some companies may offer early payoff options where you can make larger payments and save on interest, and the best part is there's often no pre-payment penalty or other fees if you want to get out of the loan early. Be sure to ask about all payment options before signing a contract.


    Title Loan Defaults And The Risk Of A Repossession

    The main thing you want to avoid with a title loan is defaulting on the payments. Once you fall behind, you risk paying more interest and late fees and face a scenario where the lender can repossess the vehicle. That means they can take your car anytime if there is a lack of payment, and the only way to get it back is by paying the entire balance due plus any additional repossession and late fees. Contact your lender if there's ever a chance you will fall behind on the payments and work to renegotiate the repayment terms. GoTitleLend can offer different refinancing options and loan buyout programs if you default with another title loan company.


    Keep Driving Your Car With A GoTitleLend Car Title Loan

    There's no reason why you can't keep driving your car while you make the title loan payments. Instead of using the vehicle as collateral, you'll hand over the pink slip to your lender, and that's used to secure the loan. Your lender is noted as the mail lienholder on the pink slip, and they own the vehicle until the loan is paid off. Unlike a title pawn, you don't need to give up your car as collateral! Call GoTitleLend at 380-888-5035 to borrow $2,000 or more with a title loan in Ohio!

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