Title Loans On A Motorcycle - How They Work

Motorcycle title loans are a great way to get money quickly, especially if you need cash for an emergency. All you need is a motorbike that's paid off and worth at least $3,000. GoTitleLend can take your application online, and we'll get you a quick quote with a lending estimate.

Plus, because motorcycle title loans are so quick and easy to obtain, you can usually have the money within 24 hours. So, if you run into a cash crunch, consider using your car or motorcycle title as collateral for a loan.


Requirements For Motorcycle Title Loans

To qualify for most motorcycle title loans, you will need a bike that's paid off and in your possession. The motorcycle must be fully registered with an active insurance policy, and you can't have any liens or loans out on the bike. You need a valid ID and a bank account that allows direct deposit. These requirements for your motorbike or ATV are similar to what you would expect for auto title loans. Any title loan will start with a firm requirement for your pink slip, as that's what's required as collateral.


Borrow $1,000 or more with a title loan on motorcycle from GoTitleLend!


Loan Amounts With A Motorcycle Title Loan

A motorcycle title loan is just what it sounds like - you use your motorcycle's title as collateral for a loan. Most lenders allow you to borrow 60% of the bike, and some companies offer loans based on the full resale estimate. So you can utilize your equity and get financing for an additional 20-25% on top of that. This means that if you want 3,000 dollars in cash, instead of getting a small personal loan that may only provide that amount, you could secure funds with a motorcycle title loan and keep driving your bike while making monthly loan payments.


Motorcycle Title Loans With Bad Credit

You can still get a motorcycle title pawn even if you have bad credit. The key is finding a lender that specializes in providing loans to those with less-than-stellar credit ratings and that's where GoTitleLend comes into the equation. We work with borrowers needing car title loans and motorcycle title loans and bad credit isn't going to be a problem when you have a paid off vehicle or bike that serves as collateral. Much like our offers for bad credit title loans on cars, we work with our customers to get the most cash possible for the equity you have in your bike.

Because motorbike title pawns are secured loans, the lender is taking on less risk by lending to someone with bad credit and that makes this form of lending different from a payday loan or personal loan where there's no security. So if you're looking for a way to get cash quickly in Ohio, and your credit score keeps you from getting the help you need, consider a motorcycle title loan from GoTitleLend.


Can I Apply Directly Online For A Motorcycle Title Loan

Yes, similar to applying for an Ohio car title loan, you can apply directly online for a motorcycle title loan. At GoTitleLend, we work with a network of companies that specialize in motorcycle title loans. We'll process and underwrite your application and connect you with a local lender that offers cash for your motorcycle's equity. You could have the money you need within just 24 hours.


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