Same Day Cash With Title Loans In Wisconsin

GoTitleLend is a leading provider of title loans nationwide, and we just recently added coverage in Wisconsin! Applicants in cities such as Milwaukee or Green Bay now have access to our lending offers, and there's a decent chance you can get approved and funded in 24 hours or less. 

Loan amounts start at $1,500 for qualified customers, and we won't check your credit when underwriting the loan! Apply with us online or call 380-888-5035 to see how much you can borrow, and we'll do our best to connect you with the best local lender in Wisconsin!


Auto Title Loans In Wisconsin - What's Required

To qualify for a title loan in Wisconsin, you'll need a clear title with proof of income from an employer or bank. You need to provide the lender with a copy of your vehicle registration that shows you own the vehicle and that it is paid off. Some companies may ask for verification that the vehicle is insured and other documents to prove you're the only person listed on the car's pink slip.

Expect to show references and prove that you're employed and make enough monthly to afford the payments. Some direct lenders provide vehicle title loans with no proof of income, but there's always a requirement to show you can make the monthly payments. Run your estimated loan amount through our online calculator before you commit to a monthly payment. A quick estimate is helpful and should tell you what you will pay each month.


Title Loan Lending Rates And Fees In Wisconsin

The interest rate on car title loans in Wisconsin can range from 34% to 300%. Most title loan companies will fall somewhere in the middle, with rates between 40% and 75%. Interest for a title loan in Madison, WI, depends on your vehicle's value, income, and repayment term. Ultimately, you want to choose a company that's not only near you but also one that has favorable terms.

Other fees come with these secured loans, such as a loan origination fee or a prepayment penalty. These fees can add up quickly, so factoring them into your budget when considering vehicle equity loans is essential. Always consult a financial consultant and read your contract before agreeing to your loan terms. Any adjustment or increase in the monthly APR can significantly increase your lending costs!


Car Title Loans For Applicants With Bad Credit in Wisconsin

Online title loans are available to borrowers all across the credit spectrum, and a poor credit score won't disqualify you from getting approved. That's because title loans are secured loans, which means that your vehicle acts as collateral for the loan.

Ensure you have the pink slip for your car and gather all your paperwork and vehicle documents to complete the underwriting process. The time it takes to process your paperwork can be cut in half if all the documents are sent over when you first apply! Third, don't expect too much when working with a secured lender. Auto title loans have high interest rates, and the loan amount is based on the vehicle's resale value in WI.


Funding Amounts In Wisconsin & Can I Keep My Car With A Vehicle Title Loan

The amount you'll be approved for depends on the lender and the WI laws governing auto title loans, which often change. Title loan lending amounts in WI start at $1,000 and can approach $20,000 if you have a vehicle with significant value.

Once you've been approved for a title loan and signed the contract, the lender should let you keep driving the vehicle while making the payments. This is the standard procedure with secured loans, and your car's pink slip will be used as equity instead of the actual vehicle. Apply online or call 380-888-5035 to start your application with GoTitleLend!


Vehicle equity loans are now offered in Wisconsin.

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